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How Gray Puksand benefit from unified project information

8 November, 2022

Gray Puksand is an Australian Architecture & Planning organisation that transforms spaces by evolving the story of architecture and challenging the status quo. They pride themselves on pioneering a smarter and more sustainable future for all.

We sat down with Jeames Hanley, Digital Practice Manager and Associate at Gray Puksand, where there are 150 employees. Jeames leads the business's digital transformation. The scope of this includes how Gray Puksand's architectural projects are delivered across the country, how they manage data behind the scenes, including email collaboration and management across all projects, as well as the business leadership side of the company.

Why Gray Puksand was looking for an email management solution

A typical Gray Puksand architect works on around 11 projects at any time. This means the ability to jump across multiple projects and get up to speed on what's happening on that project within a short space of time is essential. The projects can range from small end-of-trip facilities to massive education projects. Getting background information about what's going on that week or on that project at that stage is very important.

Gray Puksand needed a solution to get their team up to speed on project information at the click of a button.

"Mail manager has been really good in basically bringing that information and that data right to a staff member's computer. It's really searchable and indexable essentially, to get staff up to speed a lot quicker in terms of what's happening on a project."

How is Mail Manager used at Gray Puksand?

It is estimated that 333.2 billion emails will be sent and received globally in 2022. So, it’s no surprise that companies, especially those in the AEC industry who rely heavily on emails for project management communication, are looking for solutions to integrate their communication processes into the ever-advancing digital age.

Jeames commented, “We use it on all our projects to just manage, as you said, a small portion of those 333 billion emails. We use Mail Manager to manage our portion of that because we send upwards of 20 to 30 emails a day and receive probably just as many. It's incredibly important to us to ensure that we're tracking that information.”

It’s proven that email integration into project management is beneficial

By combining machine learning and AI, Mail Manager's email management technology helps Gray Puksand to reduce risk, delay, and rework.

Jeames added, "I was just away from work for a week and a half, and my team could easily go into our email storage system and find historical emails regarding software renewals and projects we've got going on. I was able to be away for a week and a half and had zero work calls at that time.

Where did you save this password? Where is that contract? Having that information available to my staff is amazing for me. I can go away and leave work for an undetermined amount of time and be confident that information is searchable.”

Email integration into project management is beneficial regardless of where you file your emails and project correspondence. Thanks to Mail Manager, Gray Puksand now has the following advantages:

  • Better communication

  • Increase productivity by freeing up time for projects

  • Staff turnover can be dealt with more effectively

  • Helps with the disconnect between site teams and the office

  • Facilitates the company being proactive rather than reactive to issues

Why Gray Puksand implemented Mail Manager

We asked Jeames what benefits he saw in using Mail Manager or email management across the business. He continued, "I think to date, we've got almost 300,000 emails filed. So, there's a lot of information to sift through when preparing for a meeting or looking for something. Our delays have been significantly reduced by better data management, which the platform provides."

It's time to avoid the common email headaches of 'This isn't what we agreed', 'John has left the company, so I'm coming in a bit cold to this', or 'Forward me that email'.

"With the amount of communication and collaboration projects of today require, that generates a lot of email traffic. Mail manager helps us sort, organise and manage vast amounts of project data that is searchable at the click of a button. Our teams are now able to spend time on higher value work rather than drowning in email." - Jeames Hanley, Digital Practice Manager and Associate at Gray Puksand

Learn more about Gray Puksand's experience using Mail Manager in our on-demand webinar, or let our team show you how Mail Manager works by booking a demo today!


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