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Customer success story: Jackson Rowe

3 December, 2020

Jackson Rowe, founded in 1989, have professional construction experts that provide specialised services at all stages of projects and commissions, from contract formation, throughout the project, to completion.

Jackson Rowe - Professional Construction Experts

Shaun Horrill, Senior Quantity Surveyor and Harry Rippon, Employment & Skills Co-ordinator, at Jackson Rowe, told Mail Manager that, before Mail Manager, searching for emails was difficult and most of the time they couldn’t find the information they needed. They also had to spend a considerate amount of time dragging information into folders to properly file. Harry explained: “With the amount of emails we receive, if we didn’t constantly file, we could easily lose track of information. The flow of projects often made me struggle to jump back from project to project but I never saw this as a problem as, to me, it was a part of life and a part of working.”

Shaun added: “Email communication is more common than face to face interaction in this market, so when it comes to finding information from a project that is longer than 1 or 2 years, finding and filing in the right place, and with the right name is impossible as we are all extremely busy. Before Mail Manager life was really difficult and I had to spend my weekends filing.” Due to the manual process they had previously, they faced further issues with email duplication within folders and some emails being sent out twice. 

Shaun added: "The installation and set up of Mail Manager was very prompt. We had a tutorial session with Mail Manager and it was very quick, going through why we implemented the solution and the benefits it would bring. We had a very simple and quick transition." Mail Manager prompts to file and standardises filing across the business, so even those who were change-resistant quickly got on board following a few additional training sessions. 

Jackson Rowe started using the software straight away with support material provided by Mail Manager and were up and running on day two. Migrating archived folders across was a critical but smooth process. Shaun explained: “As we had a pre-settled folder structure before implementing the solution, when Mail Manager was being installed it would also get all the information in each computer, so this could take 10 to 30 mins, depending on the number of emails each user had and run in the background. The software recognised each location and filed each project into the correct folder.”

Since adopting Mail Manager, they now are able to easily access all important information. Even Harry, who joined after the installation, could go back to historic projects and access the information he needed, without having to ask colleagues or request IT support as everything was inside the project folder. He said: “It is far more simple than I thought it would be, and I can see all the benefits since I started.”

At Jackson Rowe, it is common to receive a phone call from a client asking for an email they sent 3 years ago. Previously this would be almost impossible to find. Now, with the search function of Mail Manager, this process is easy and they are able to help clients within minutes. Shaun said: “The speed and ease in which we can do this is really good.”

Their colleague Nick Young, Senior Quantity Surveyor, who works with the project delivery teams, shared a positive impact he's had since implementing Mail Manager and shared a review: “Before Mail Manager, I struggled to find time to complete my filing manually. I knew it was an important exercise for the type of work that we do but it would always drop off the bottom of my 'to do' list. The initial setup was straightforward and once all of the filing locations are set, there seems to be little maintenance required. Now, with one additional click of the mouse, I know my important correspondence is automatically saved securely.”

Watch Jackson Rowe's Mail Manager story on-demand here.


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