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2024 Tech updates for AEC: Microsoft Outlook & Ideagen Mail Manager roadmap

27 March, 2024

As technology evolves, so does the way we manage, communicate and execute projects within the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry. In our recent webinar, "Unchain your data: An IT leader's guide to escaping information silos in AEC," we delved into the pivotal updates from Microsoft and the strategic roadmap laid out by Ideagen Mail Manager, illustrating how these advancements are set to redefine project communication and data management in the AEC.

Lucy Prior, Sales Director at Ideagen Mail Manager discussed how most IT leaders can probably relate to needing to do excessive amounts of overtime just to keep up with their everyday tasks, she continued, “from our experience I hear often you’re the go to person when something goes wrong and project staff need to find crucial projects.

“With so much digital change happening, it's extremely tough for IT leaders. And unfortunately, it often means that email can sometimes get overlooked, even though it is, of course really important.”

Microsoft's pivotal updates in 2024: A ‘New Outlook’ on collaboration

Microsoft's 2024 updates are centered around enhancing user experience and fostering better collaboration across teams. One of the key highlights is the transition towards the New Outlook, which signifies a departure from traditional email and calendar apps to a more integrated platform. This shift aims to streamline communication and improve productivity by consolidating email, meetings and documents in a single, user-friendly interface.

      • So what’s happening? In 2024, new devices now come pre-loaded with the new Outlook for Windows as your default mailbox application— and it’s free to use.

      • What about the old Mail and Calendar apps? Don't worry, they'll still be downloadable from the Microsoft Store until December 31st, 2024. However, after that date, support for them will end.

      • Already using Windows 11? You can easily switch to the new Outlook for Windows from a toggle within your existing Mail and Calendar apps.

The introduction of Co-pilot updates alongside the new Outlook is poised to transform the way professionals manage their workflows. These AI-powered tools offer automated meeting preparation, email thread navigation and prioritized task management, enabling users to focus on high-value activities.

Ideagen Mail Manager's strategic roadmap

In response to Microsoft's updates, Ideagen Mail Manager has laid out a comprehensive roadmap designed to enhance email management and correspondence. The roadmap highlights several key developments slated for 2024, some of which focuses on integration, user experience and data governance.

One of the pivotal features in the pipeline is the support for batch filing of PST files, addressing a common challenge faced by IT professionals in managing large volumes of historical emails. This feature aims to simplify the migration and archiving process, ensuring that critical project information is easily accessible and secure.

“We value the need to migrate existing emails from locations to assist with the implementation of Ideagen Mail Manager— when you eventually get to that point…. We know that there's lots of organizations that have a need to get their emails out of PST files and into some way that's searchable.”

Stephanie Fabre, Product Manager at Ideagen Mail Manager

Furthermore, Ideagen Mail Manager is set to introduce file system filing for the new Outlook, offering users the flexibility to store emails and attachments in non-SharePoint locations. This development reflects Ideagen Mail Manager's commitment to accommodating diverse data storage preferences and compliance requirements within the AEC industry.

Stephanie added, "next, we've introduced file system filing for the new Outlook. As Tim alluded to earlier, we've got about 20 plus percent of customers using filing to 365 locations and the rest are still very much filing to file systems. We recognize and address this need."

How to manage AEC project emails effectively

The focus on AI-powered tools and improved email management strategies underscores a broader industry trend towards digital transformation. And as IT professionals navigate these changes in the AEC, the ability to adapt and embrace advanced email management solutions will be crucial in staying competitive and delivering successful projects.

Want to learn more on the benefits of Ideagen Mail Manager for IT leaders in AEC? Get an overall insight on collaboration tools in AEC, email archiving solutions and find out more about our roadmap in our webinar now.




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