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Why environmental services need Microsoft SharePoint

23 March, 2022

The software applications that environmental services rely on for managing and sharing information are usually pretty complex. They involve significant manual effort from administrators, and more often than not, your fee-earners are spending a lot of time searching for the information they need. The risk of human error is apparent and could lead to critical data going missing, being deleted or ending up in the hands of cybercriminals.

Secure processes and technologies are increasingly required as environmental firms handle more data and look to comply with an evolving landscape of regulatory requirements. However, the current solutions available to you often focus on single-function applications and fail to communicate effectively with other technologies. You need to look to tools like SharePoint to perfect their document management processes. And, Mail Manager are here to help you take SharePoint to the next level.

Why environmental services need SharePoint

Microsoft SharePoint is a web-based collaboration and document management platform that’s used to store documents and share information across businesses. SharePoint users can create intranets that allow them to create secure, centralised spaces for specific departments or teams to share and collaborate on documents.

Microsoft SharePoint offers environmental services a multi-functional solution to their data management struggles. Plus, it’s probably more than likely already available to you on your internal servers.

The web-based management platform enables businesses to enhance communication between their teams, using tools like data lists, document libraries, meeting workspaces and task calendars. The benefits of implementing SharePoint include:

  • Better task tracking: SharePoint enables environmental firms to better analyse, collect, display, organise and process data from across their organisation.

  • Improved data management: Firms can manage data inspection and access data that comes into the business via the internet, even from mobile devices.

  • Reduced siloes: SharePoint provides one location for storing critical data, ensuring all relevant project information is kept in one place. This means everyone has access to the same information with minimal time spent searching.

  • Simple and recognisable: SharePoint is compatible with the Microsoft 365 suite, and can be synchronised with Outlook calendars, ensuring businesses can quickly and easily transfer existing data into the format they need.

  • Cost-effective: SharePoint is one of the most-used tools in the industry, so the likelihood is that it may already be used in at least one department in your organisation. So, there may not be a need to go out and purchase a new software, and this cost can be spread across departments.

Take SharePoint to the next level with Mail Manager

It may be tempting to use SharePoint as a one-stop shop for document management, but most employees actually tend to spend most of their time in Outlook. As a result, Mail Manager, which is an Outlook add-in solution, becomes crucial to ensuring emails and documents are stored correctly.

Discover how Mail Manager can bring clarity to your inbox with a 15-day free trial of our solution, or book a consultation with us today. We've also put together this free eBook, "Why environmental services need Microsoft SharePoint, and how to take it to the next level".



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