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Why DIALOG rolled out Ideagen Mail Manager across the wider business

15 February, 2024

Efficient information management has never been more crucial for streamlined business operations as it is today. After years of industry experience and product development, Ideagen Mail Manager is a strong aid to achieve this. DIALOG, a multidisciplinary design practice comprising architects, urban planners and designers, structural, mechanical, and electrical engineers, interior designers, landscape architects, and sustainability consultants based in North America, is a perfect example of how implementation of the software across an entire business can benefit everyone, from staff to clients. But how exactly?

The risk of information being trapped in project team silos

One of the primary challenges businesses face since the working landscape went digital, is the risk of information being trapped in silos. As highlighted in the webinar, when critical data is confined within isolated project teams, it hampers collaboration and decision-making.

With business data constantly growing, and multiple departments needing timely access to it, it serves your business to keep it stored in a centralized, secure location. Information, including contracts and agreements, often end up in staff's own sub-folders, hidden away from others who may need it. The lack of thorough filing means businesses are exposed to risks including disputes and poor standards. Ideagen Mail Manager serves as a bridge, breaking down these silos and ensuring that information flows seamlessly across departments.

The benefits of visible and accessible information across departments

Visible and accessible information is fundamental for efficient collaboration and communication. Correspondence can be misplaced and lost all too easily without stringent filing habits, which causes delays to project timelines if no solution is offered. Ideagen Mail Manager provides a unified platform where information becomes transparent; the offer of a centralized storage location means that information is readily available to different team members and across departments where necessary. This not only accelerates decision-making processes but also fosters a culture of collaboration, where teams can work cohesively toward common goals. 

Shared locations between emails is not the only benefit; the standardization of email practices leads to better visibility across projects and having documents stored in a centralized location can solve the impact of staff churn. 


Why DIALOG chose to implement Ideagen Mail Manager across the wider business, and the benefits today

DIALOG's decision to implement Ideagen Mail Manager across the wider business stems from a strategic vision for enhanced efficiency and collaboration. Kenny Thurston, manager of technology experience, began speaking about his experience by explaining how the replacement of their previous solution meant they had "better compatibility and filing options, the ability to index and find existing emails from their existing locations". Furthermore, the centralized control of settings allowed them to "adopt a great user experience".

DIALOG have seen a positive trend in the amount of emails filed since April 2023. A key factor as to why the business expanded their usage was seeing how easy it was to reinforce email filing among staff, with Kenny stating "we saw tangible savings on project time when trying to find information"; the ease of use and better findability of information resulted in large cost savings, so it was a no-brainer to expand into different teams. This has aided them with the following work processes:

1. Strategic decision-making: The implementation was driven by a need for strategic decision-making based on real-time information. Ideagen Mail Manager not only met this requirement but exceeded expectations by providing a centralized hub for information, enabling quick and informed decision-making at all levels.

2. Enhanced collaboration: DIALOG emphasized the importance of enhanced collaboration in their decision to implement Ideagen Mail Manager. The platform's ability to break down information silos and promote collaboration was a prime factor in the selection process. Today, teams at DIALOG experience heightened collaboration, leading to innovative solutions and improved project outcomes. An interesting note from Kenny is how it has improved the speed at which new staff are onboarded on to projects, as "all previous correspondence is easily traceable and they are able to quickly understand the scope of a project".

3. Improved compliance and data security: The webinar delves into DIALOG's emphasis on compliance and data security. Ideagen Mail Manager offers robust features that align with industry regulations and ensures data security. This played a crucial role in DIALOG's decision to implement the solution, mitigating risks associated with non-compliance.

4: Efficiency gains: Ideagen Mail Manager has resulted in tangible efficiency gains for DIALOG. By providing a centralized location for emails and documents, the platform minimizes the time wasted on searching for information. This efficiency translates into cost savings via less time-wasting,  and increased productivity across the organization. Kenny continues to  mention how the search feature in particular helped improve their litigation response, "we are able to find all emails from a central location and find the correct correspondence quickly, to even be able to avoid litigation completely in the future". 


How You Can Benefit from Consistent Record-Keeping Across the Business

Consistent record-keeping really is crucial to keep up and maintain business success, and Ideagen Mail Manager offers a solution that ensures your team is adhering to the best possible organization and information management practices. With an automated filing prompt feature you can have confidence that your business will:


  • Have improved accountability: With consistent record-keeping, accountability becomes inherent. Every piece of information is traceable, promoting responsibility within teams and departments.
  • Be more efficient at auditing and reporting: The capability for consistent record-keeping facilitates efficient auditing and reporting. You can easily track historical data, analyze trends, and generate comprehensive reports for better decision-making.
  • Stay compliant with regulations: In an era of stringent regulations, consistent record-keeping is vital for regulatory compliance. Ideagen Mail Manager’s features ensure that your workflows meet regulatory requirements effortlessly.

Transform your business operations with Ideagen Mail Manager

The case of DIALOG switching to Ideagen Mail Manager highlights the power of efficient information management. By addressing the risk of information silos, promoting visible and accessible information, and showcasing real-world benefits, the session serves as an inspiring guide for businesses seeking to enhance collaboration and efficiency.

To see the same benefits as DIALOG, book a demo with Ideagen Mail Manager today and see for yourself how we can be help your business become better-connected.