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Unifying information: The key to greater success in government

3 October, 2022

Governments rely heavily on data to improve their own systems, make informed decisions, and provide higher-quality services to their districts. But, sharing and collaborating on this information can be difficult.

Because governments are highly-regulated, they need a secure, central location where all client and project information can be stored, allowing agencies and departments to see a complete picture of any given project at any given time.

The issue surrounding inadequate data

Government decision-making is often heavily weighted. There is a lot that needs to be considered, so the data used must be of high quality too. Effectively managing all the information various agencies and departments gather and used can speed up the management of projects and boost performance. But, mismanaged information and documents can easily tear them down.

Data has been a shortfall for many organisations, notably in the United States, where the IRS failed to manage and destroyed 30 million paper returns.

Many government departments globally still rely on paper records due to the limited capabilities of their current business systems, creating unnecessary costs, leaving them open to immense risks and compromising the integrity of their data.

The need for a Single Source of Truth

Government departments must have centralised, secure and digital data stores to make informed decisions in the future.

Unified information, or a Single Source of Truth, provides better ways of working and encourages more transparent communication which helps organisations drive change faster, without compromising on quality.

By ensuring all information, including email correspondence, is captured, teams can navigate documents and information easily, and all relevant stakeholders can access the information they need when they need it.

It's time to remove manual processes and increase information visibility. Building a robust information management process is the future for governments. 

Mail Manager helps governments unify their scattered business information to improve operations. See how you can create a Single Source of Truth today:

Unifying your information - Huddle x MM




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