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The top priorities for IT leaders

16 September, 2021

IT leaders are often tasked with solving many problems, from evaluating cyber risk, delivering digital transformation, maintaining the business infrastructure, all the way to keeping overheads low. Plus, when things go wrong, everyone comes to you to solve their problems, regardless of whether it’s a dispute, retrieving information, lost data or something else.

The new working world and the modern technology landscape has meant that organisations all over the world have had to adopt digital transformation rapidly, and these changing work practices often fall onto the shoulders of IT leaders, changing the way your work-life looks drastically.

All of this raises the question, what are the top priorities for today’s IT leaders, and how can we support these?

Top priorities for IT leaders

Digital transformation: The pandemic highlighted that 70% of organisations didn’t have the infrastructure they needed to work remotely, so IT leaders were forced to adapt quickly. But now with the gradual move back to the office, or hybrid working, IT leaders are again looking to their infrastructure to ensure they are prepared for whatever may happen next.

Customer and employee experience: After security and privacy, customer experience was indicated as the most important technology investment for IT leaders. And ensuring employees are happy and have the tools they need to effectively perform their jobs are critical in driving this service. Without happy, performing employees, there cannot be happy customers, so having an infrastructure that works, and works well is a top priority.

Data, privacy and security: With the increasing rates of cybercrime, it’s hardly surprising that cybersecurity and data protection is a key concern for businesses. One easy way businesses can retain greater control of their sensitive corporate information is by taking control of email and document management.

Making the most of their time: How often do you spend digging through your colleagues’ inboxes because they’ve lost an important email or attachment? One IT Director we spoke to recently found that he previously would sometimes spend up to an entire week digging through emails from years ago, trying to find proof for a customer dispute. And we’re willing to bet he’s not the only one. IT leaders all over the world are bombarded with helping their colleagues with menial tasks, when they would much rather be focused on the jobs they were hired to do.

How Mail Manager can help

Mail Manager is designed by project teams, for project and client-focused teams to file all business-critical correspondence to folders of your choosing and follow your environment’s existing security and privileged access protocols. This ensures your data stays visible to those who need it, and you can protect yourself against the regulatory and reputation risks of losing sensitive information.

Never lose an email again, ensure all staff are following the same filing process, and discover any project data you need in seconds with Mail Manager. If you’re not convinced email management is the best move for your business, you can see what IT leaders say about Mail Manager here, or download our new guide for IT professionals, “How to Implement an Email Management Solution”.



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