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The secret to building a Single Source of Truth for AEC firms

3 October, 2022

Architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) firms tend to get a bad rap when it comes to embracing new technologies and data in their work. But why is this the case?

The challenges facing the AEC

Projects within the AEC industry are continuing to become larger and more complex. But some firms are still lagging behind when it comes to integrating technology within the workflow process.

Firms are feeling the pressure to continue building infrastructure that is bigger, safer and more cost-effective than ever. It will be increasingly harder for firms to compete in the future if their current disparate business systems and processes aren't integrated.

Disputes are on the rise

Mail Manager conducted a study in 2022 which set out to understand the changes AEC organisations are seeing in their projects. Our findings indicated that most respondents (78%) reported experiencing disputes in the last year, with a sharp increase compared to 2021 (63%).

In 2022, only 22% of respondents had not experienced a dispute in the last 12 months! Changes to the scope of a project (24%), issues with payments (22%) and timelines (20%) were the leading causes of disputes. Unfortunately, this means that AEC firms are typically not managing their information effectively, which leaves them unable to protect themselves in a dispute.

The Golden Thread of Information and the new Safer Buildings Act

Firms in the United Kingdom have no doubt read, or at least heard of, Dame Judith Hackitt's 'Building a Safer Future' report following the tragic Grenfell incident. In her report, Hackitt recommended that the industry introduce a 'golden thread' of information... A secure and accessible digital record of all the information and data created across the entire lifecycle of a building.

A golden thread would support the design, construction and management of buildings to ensure safety was taken into account at all stages. Now, The Building Safety Act is being introduced in the UK to set a regulatory requirement to create and maintain a golden thread of information.

Information management has never been more important to the success of AEC businesses. Having a single place where all your project information is stored (or, as we like to call it, a Single Source of Truth) means that your teams can make the best use of their time, resources and knowledge.

A Single Source of Truth improves ways of working, boosts transparency and increases productivity without compromising quality. This ensures that project teams have access to the information they need when they need it.

Building a Single Source of Truth in the AEC

A Single Source of Truth is no longer a 'nice to have' in the AEC. It's quickly becoming a must-have for firms across the world. And, it's easier to create than you think...

Jump into how mismanaged information is hurting your business and how email management and client portals are the keys to unlocking a Single Source of Truth:

Unifying your information - Huddle x MM




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