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Mail Manager stories: 5 real-world use cases

30 September, 2019

As with every technology solution, our customers want to know how they can actually use the solution to address their challenges and pain points. We love to address how businesses and users actually benefit from using Mail Manager in their day to day activities.

In this article, we give five real-world examples to highlight how some of our customers are using Mail Manager today.

Inbox lock-in

Company A was going through a period of high staff turnover. They struggled to recover agreements made by staff in emails as they were ‘locked in people’s inboxes’. Mail Manager allowed all emails to be stored centrally and be accessible by everybody working on a project. Now, when people leave the business or are on short project contracts, it’s not a problem for them.

Download our whitepaper with Torsion Group and Arup to find out about the importance of email within their businesses and where email fits into the project process.

File corruption

Company B was reliant on PST files. When a project finished all the emails would be bundled into one. Their Head of IT was concerned that this was unreliable and if the file corrupted they’d lose all their information. Mail Manager meant they no longer had to rely on PST files. Despite initially delaying the implementation of Mail Manager, the company suffered when a PST file got corrupted. Now using Mail Manager, they needn't worry any more.

Sharing information

Company C had trouble sharing information across the business. Different departments were involved in the same project, but were relying on staff forwarding or CC’ing colleagues into correspondence. This led to a lot of email duplication and Directors were being copied into long email chains they didn’t always need to see. This led to staff not reading all of their emails and there were fears that critical information was being missed. Once Mail Manager was implemented across the business, this stopped happening overnight.

Read our case study with Offshore Design Engineering to see how Mail Manager is helping them share information across different departments and office locations.

Standardising email processes

Company D was working on a joint venture, with over 100 staff on a project but most on short contracts. They were reliant on staff to file their emails into their system, but they couldn’t be sure if this was being done consistently, or even at all. They wanted to be able to store all emails in a central location and make them accessible to all in case there were ever any disputes and they needed to recover all project emails. Mail Manager helped to standardise their filing across the business and ensure all correspondence was captured and made available to relevant parties.

Read how JNP Group implemented Mail Manager to ensure they were able to pass their last ISO 9001 certification. “We simply would have lacked the proper email audit trail needed to achieve ISO 9001 accreditation without Mail Manager.” Jamie Seabrook, IT Manager.

Email retention policies

Company E had a requirement to retain access for all project information for 13 years. They needed to find a particularly important project email that was evidence they had adhered to strict building regulations. The problem was every single project member had left the business since. Using Mail Manager, they were able to find the email within seconds, ensuring they were risk ready, rather than risk reactive. Now, they can easily find historical sensitive information.

Read how Austin:Smith-Lord has found access to important project correspondence invaluable.

There are just a few examples of how different businesses in different industries use Mail Manager. If any of these stories resonate, see the tool for yourself by getting a free trial here.



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