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How life science firms can improve communications with CROs and vendors

3 April, 2023

The Life Science industry is undergoing a time of rapid transformation. Industry disruptors have adopted a more digital approach and have leveraged digital technologies, data-driven decision making and external partnerships. This has enabled smart firms to bring treatments to market at a record pace. Industry giants relying on slow traditional methods have proven to be no match for these trailblazers and are quickly becoming irrelevant.

New market entrants have learnt that successful and fast collaboration is the key to speeding up the route to market. It is also mutually beneficial for everyone involved and firms have leveraged this to cut down clinical trial timelines. This has provided a range of benefits, including reduced costs and shared risk, along with greater access to funding, talent and improved capacity for innovation. Although this is a massive step forward for the industry, the focus is on how life science organisations can harness this and improve their working methods in the future.

How can firms safely manage partnerships?

Life science firms have always had alliances, but with clinical research increasing in scale and complexity, most smaller firms do not have enough staff to oversee clinical trials adequately. They will have to outsource and manage relationships with Contract Research Organisations (CROs) and various service providers or vendors. The sponsors are still responsible for ensuring complete transparency of the processes and that the CROs and vendors have met the necessary regulations.


With the number of people involved, it’s expected that there will be significant challenges when organising clinical trials, so learning how to manage these successfully is what will set firms apart.When assessing ways of working, sponsors must consider how to overcome the following challenges:


  • Tracking progress across multiple collaborators
  • Managing project processes and updates in real-time
  • Intellectual Property
  • Data sharing of critical information safely
  • Maintaining compliance and regulatory requirements
  • Safely storing documents after project completion
  • Preserving and safeguarding commercial interests


This new complex way of working makes it imperative to have the right technology in place to support all these new partnerships and ensure that CROs and vendors work to the same standards and expectations. 

Is email important for sponsors?

A large number of sponsors use email to communicate with collaborators, email is essential to the process. Email is still a primary method for keeping a record of contractual agreements and responsibilities and keeping a record of documents and decisions throughout the process. But sponsors can leverage email to be so much more…

Collaborate safely, compliantly, and efficiently with Mail Manager

With Mail Manager, organisations can make it easier for employees to file emails and manage their inboxes while meeting increasingly stringent data regulations and reducing the risk of costly data breaches. The software is quick, easy to implement, and roll out across a business. And teams can immediately begin storing data in the correct location and collaborating more effectively.

Create a clear audit trail of decisions

Mail Manager gives sponsors a transparent trial of email correspondence throughout the project, allowing firms to evidence what has occurred and track that all external collaborators remain compliant. This makes it easy for firms to see the progress of projects and spot any problems when they arise. Firms can then proactively deal with challenges before they become serious problems.

Avoiding disputes and maintain positive relationships

With accountability for projects falling to the sponsor, not having evidence of what has occurred can be extremely risky. Having an email record of contractual agreements and actions allows sponsors to hold vendors responsible for their deliverables and what will happen if they fail to meet these. Mail Manager expands on this with its powerful search tool and allows firms to locate details of any project within just a few clicks, no matter how old a project is.

Safely store critical documents and project information

Mail Manager allows sponsors to file to their chosen location straight from the inbox. The solution maps to your organisation’s current systems, so all critical data is safe and stored in line with your company standards. 

Ensure everyone has complete visibility over projects

With Mail Manager, everyone involved in projects can access the latest and most up-to-date information. Having critical emails or trial information siloed off is a thing of the past. Mail Manager provides complete transparency, meaning no part of the process is ever held up if a key person is on annual leave or if they leave the business.

To see how Mail Manager can bring you closer to your collaborators, book a personalised demo here


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