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How embracing a digital future can revolutionise Oil & Energy firms

22 August, 2022

Oil and Energy firms regularly face challenges that disrupt the industry's stability and can often make predicting project outcomes and costings difficult. Although many of these are unfortunately out of a firm's control, specific challenges can still be addressed and leveraged for the firm's benefit. In our recent webinar, Mail Manager looks at how oil and energy firms can gain a competitive advantage by embracing a digital future.

How can firms achieve a competitive advantage?

Oil and energy firms have been slow to embrace digital innovations despite the revolutionary benefits they could bring to the business. This may be due to a lack of awareness or understanding of the opportunities available or confusion and overwhelm about which digital solutions to deploy.

When starting, It makes sense to look at where the most impactful changes can be made quickly. There will be areas or workflows where efficiencies can be made promptly, and digital innovation and automation could lighten the load. For example, the supply chain is often full of silos and weaknesses. It offers massive room for improvement, so removing these risk areas and improving collaboration and visibility would enable firms to cut delays and speed up projects. The key to success here is centralising tasks and processes with an internal nerve centre.

A simple solution to improve collaboration and visibility across business projects

Clear communication and timely updates are often crucial to a project's success, so it makes sense to look for ways to improve this. This is where an email management system can help. An email management system can bring them together and ensure clear transparency and updates in real-time for oil and energy employees who often work in various locations across the globe. This will not only cut many common project delays but will also help increase investor confidence in your projects.

How Offshore Design Engineering has benefited from an email management system

Offshore Design Engineering had implemented Mail Manager into the company. Still, it had not yet been rolled out to all departments within the business. In the areas without Mail Manager, they were starting to notice staff suffering productivity drains from filing and email management. Depending on the required information, the firm would need staff to physically file documents and have them shipped in and out of the business. This lengthy process left lots of room for human error and lost data, not to mention the time lost searching for information and the cost of shipping.

ODE decided to roll out Mail manager to the rest of the business and revolutionised productivity and efficiency around projects. Employees are spread out across the globe, and Mail Manager allows them to effortlessly connect and collaborate on projects with clear visibility of critical updates in real-time.

How Mail Manager has benefited Offshore Design Engineering_

Kirsty says, “In the engineering industry, where many people work on a project in different locations, it’s important to ensure that everyone communicates effectively and understands how the project is progressing.” 

Kirsty summarises the main benefit of Mail Manager as a very simple way for people to work collaboratively. She says, “It’s about making working across different locations and departments very transparent. I strongly support the use of Mail Manager for the provided ability to work as a team effectively and maximise the amount of time used productively on projects.”

To find out more about how oil and energy firms can make the most of digital innovations, check out the recent webinar below:


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