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How can mining and metals firms improve collaboration across projects?

18 May, 2022

The Mining and Metals industries are under increasing pressure to rebuild trust with stakeholders and efficiently deliver on capital projects. Being a sector that is heavily reliant on other industries to find new uses to support the continued growth of the market means that they must show that they are a viable investment opportunity capable of delivering good returns.  The lack of innovation and digitisation within the sector has meant that project management and operations have incurred unnecessary costs and unpredictable outcomes.

If firms are to win investment, they must look at ways to drive efficiency and control costs across the business. One of the fastest ways to benefit from digital solutions is to introduce an email management system.

How Mining and Metals can benefit from email and document management 

A central email management system and central storage location will help improve business communications and ensure close collaboration with operators, management, investors, and other stakeholders regardless of location. Much like an internal nerve centre, an email management system will ensure that everyone is kept up to date with the most recent communications and developments as they happen.

So how else can an email management solution like Mail Manager help?

1. Reduce risk through collaboration in real-time 

Mail Manager provides complete transparency of all communications to all team members working across a project, so critical information or developments are shared in real-time. Management teams can ensure effective project controls and provide complete visibility of progress and delivery to the whole team. No more isolated groups working in silos as Mail Manager connects the entire team, meaning that you are never at risk of working from old or outdated information.    

2. Cut costs and increase staff productivity

Increasing speed and transparency between company communications means that delays and health and safety risks are reduced, and you can be sure you are working with the most accurate, up-to-date information to make informed decisions. Emails and data can be found within seconds, reducing the need for hours spent scouring email inboxes for lost information. 

3. Ensure compliance and regulation  

An automatic filing system helps keep mineral leases, planning, environmental consents, and other essential compliance documents in designated project folders and ensures they are easily accessible to everyone on the project. 

4. Introducing a central location for email and document storage 

Implementing a central cloud-based storage solution such as SharePoint into the business provides the flexibility for employees to access data and communications from any location and on any device, which is particularly advantageous for companies like Mining and Metals that operate from various sites.  

How Mail Manager helps mining and metals firms

With Mail Manager, Mining and Metals firms can make it easier for employees to communicate and collaborate across projects and reduce the risk of losing important information and sensitive data. The software is quick and easy to implement and roll out across an entire business.

Discover how Mail Manager can help your firm immediately take control of email management with a free trial, or download our eBook, "How the mining and metals industry can use innovation and digitisation to streamline performance and operations".



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