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Glider's information management challenge on 40 Leadenhall Street

19 February, 2024

In a recent webinar, Lucas Cusack, Strategic Lead Asset Manager at Glider, delved into the intricate world of Building Information Modeling (BIM) and its transformative impact on efficient asset management.

Glider are a full asset lifecycle information management solution. They define, deliver, verify, manage and optimize data so that it’s readily available to customers, who can in turn better manage their real estate projects. Read on to learn about the data challenges encountered by Glider during their role as the asset information management and handover consultant for Mace's ambitious 40 Leadenhall Street project.

The 40 Leadenhall Street project

Lucas began by providing some stats on the 40 Leadenhall Street project to emphasize the size of the project. For projects of this scale, BIM plays a critical role in empowering asset operators with comprehensive data to optimize operations.

A key point discussed by Lucas is the challenge of having too much data - if too much makes it into an information model, you run the risk of ending up with 'erroneous data'. On the contrary, you may also get too little data, maybe because you haven't asked for the right data and ending up with a different result than you had anticipated. Too much or too little data can end up costing you, so getting the right amount is crucial and BIM can aid in this.

He continued by sharing insights into the challenges faced by Glider on the 40 Leadenhall Street project, emphasizing the complexities of managing vast amounts of asset information. When discussing the need for a structured approach to data management, Lucas spoke of how it comes down to "trying to define a process and using technology available to manage that process effectively."

The importance of efficient collaboration

Lucas also highlighted the significance of collaboration in overcoming data challenges. He emphasized the need for clear communication and the utilization of collaborative platforms to streamline data flow among project stakeholders; without collaboration, you end up with disjointed data sets that aren't feeding into a central database.

The Glider representative went on to share practical examples and lessons learned from the experience. He stressed the importance of adopting a standardized approach to data collection and management, stating, "standardization across the board is key, not just to data but to process." Lucas summarized by stressing the importance of user-friendly tools that enhance workflows, stating, "technology should help facilitate a process, not hinder it."

Effective email management is crucial to achieve efficient collaboration and information management within any organization. To this day, email is still the primary channel for communication, sharing ideas and disseminating crucial information. Properly organized and categorized emails facilitate quick access to relevant data, enabling teams to collaborate seamlessly.

Additionally, efficient email management systems contribute to improved information retrieval, reducing the risk of crucial details being overlooked. By establishing clear protocols for email communication, teams can enhance collaboration, maintain a structured flow of information, and ultimately boost productivity.


Ideagen Mail Manager as a solution

It’s evident that effective email management is at the core of streamlining communication and collaboration. Ideagen Mail Manager provides a centralized platform for efficient email communication, ensuring that critical project information is organized, searchable, and easily accessible to all stakeholders.

In essence, Ideagen Mail Manager aligns with the key principles that were discussed - standardization, collaboration, and user-friendly technology. As organizations face data challenges in the era of BIM, Ideagen Mail Manager is a solution that complements and enhances the management of asset information, offering a seamless experience which aids efficient project operations and data handover.

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