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Getting the most out of your Procore investment

26 August, 2022

At Mail Manager, we are seeing several clients implement Procore and Mail Manager when looking to consolidate key business systems and ensure any piece of project data is only entered once. Procore is a platform which can be adopted for several reasons, from Financial Management to improving Project Information Management (PIM).

This blog will share some learnings we see across clients around how you can get the most out of implementing Procore to improve PIM. This is from a Lead Contractor or Consultant's perspective who will be deploying Procore for their internal team and mandating its use in their supply chain.

It's important to note that Procore can address document control and compliance challenges almost immediately with ISO9001 and BIM Level 2.

1. Be realistic about the aims associated with Procore

It can be tempting when investing in a significant platform like Procore to think it's a silver bullet to all of your information management challenges. These challenges might include: 

  • Document control
  • Collaboration
  • Site data capture
  • Email management
  • Central document templates
  • Version control
  • Supply chain management, such as insurance and certificates


Often the aim associated with implementing Procore for PIM purposes is to have one place for all project documents, drawings, and emails. Still, it is key to consider if and how the information gets into Procore.

2. Play to Procore's strengths

Procore is one of the leading providers and offers a feature-rich application for document control and collaboration, meaning it's an entirely reasonable request for your internal and external teams to store information there. More importantly, you can be confident that the information will be there. 

There's an ever-growing ecosystem of applications which have developed integrations into Procore to deliver one single point of access, but with purpose-built applications to ensure process adoption across the board.

In our case, a growing number of clients had mentioned that the filing of emails would be inconsistent at best when expecting staff to file into Procore, creating risk around project disputes and turning inboxes into information silos.

3. Achieve complete information visibility

Information management and achieving the Golden Thread remains a burden for many organisations. Despite having valuable tools like Procore to hand, email is often the missing piece of the puzzle. Email is the most used communication tool on a project in the AEC, but it’s also the one thing everyone in a business manages differently.

That results in most firms being unable to find critical project information, produce correct evidence in court, and waste hours every week trying to file and find project correspondence.

So, while email is central to the processes of vast amounts of businesses, most businesses continue to struggle to manage email eectively. Most fail to file emails eectively, which means they not only struggle to complete projects but also meet increasingly strict compliance requirements.

Additionally, when problems or disputes arise, which is years after a project has ended, businesses are often required to produce the original scope of work, specific client communications and sensitive documents. If these are lost in individual inboxes of staff that may have left the business or amongst a mass of unstructured emails, it’s asking for trouble.

By integrating Procore and Mail Manager, you have the leading project management platform coupled with the best Outlook email management solution, so you can be sure that no business-critical emails go missing.

With Mail Manager, you can make life easier for those using Procore by:

  1. Having full confidence that all the relevant emails are filed against the project
  2. Commercially sensitive information is not left in individual’s inboxes and is organised the same way across the business
  3. Ensuring staff are not wasting time searching for or forwarding information they should already have access to.

If you're interested in how we can help you get the most out of your Procore investment, download our guide on integrating email management into Procore, or book a demo with our team today!



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