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Driving ESG in the construction industry: Boost collaboration and productivity

6 March, 2023

As the focus on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) initiatives increases, the construction industry is under more pressure than ever to improve sustainability and reduce its carbon footprint.

The growing need for ESG in the construction industry

The construction industry is responsible for a significant share of global greenhouse gas emissions, waste, and other environmental impacts. ESG factors include sustainable resource use, responsible labour practices, and ethical governance.

According to a United Nations Environment Programme report, the building construction industry contributes significantly to global energy-related CO2 emissions. The sector accounted for 38% of total global energy-related CO2 emissions.

This highlights the urgent need for the industry to adopt sustainable practices to reduce its environmental impact. Adopting ESG practices can help construction companies reduce their environmental footprint, improve worker safety and well-being, and enhance their reputation with stakeholders.

Direct building CO2 emissions need to halve by 2030 to get on track for net zero carbon building stock by 2050. – UN report

Moreover, ESG factors are increasingly considered by investors and clients, making it essential for construction companies to integrate ESG considerations into their operations.

Effective email management

Effective email management can help you collaborate more efficiently, help you reduce your organisation's impact on the environment, and drive ESG initiatives forward.

Let's explore three key benefits of using an email management software such as Mail Manager to improve collaboration and productivity in the construction industry.

Streamlined communication

Email is a crucial tool for communication in the construction industry. Still, it can also be a source of clutter and confusion.

Mail Manager can help streamline communication by automatically organising messages into relevant folders through learning your behaviours to help prompt and predict where emails should be filed. Important messages are easily accessible and less likely to get lost in the shuffle. This means that teams can work more effectively, reducing errors and increasing productivity.

Improved time management

Effective email management can help you manage your time more efficiently. With Mail Manager's advanced search tool, you can search through two million emails in two seconds. This means less time spent searching for important information and more on delivering quality on critical projects.

Increased data security

Data security is critical in the construction industry, where sensitive information is often exchanged via email. With Mail Manager, your emails will follow the same privacy and security procedures as the project documentation you are saving within your IT infrastructure. Ensuring that confidential information is protected and reducing the risk of cyber threats.

In conclusion, effective email management is essential in driving ESG initiatives and improving collaboration and productivity in the construction industry.

With features like advanced search, prompt and predict and social mapping, Mail Manager is a valuable tool for construction teams looking to stay ahead of the curve and build a more sustainable future. By adopting an email management software, construction professionals can reduce stress, increase productivity, and drive ESG initiatives forward.

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