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17 April, 2024

Are you tired of fighting a never-ending battle of an overflowing email inbox, lost documents and collaboration difficulties? Are you seeking the key to unlock productivity paradise? Look no further! Our AEC summit 'Project Paradise: Next-gen collaboration in the built environment​' is now available to watch on-demand and will transform the way you manage projects and boost your productivity.

Imagine a business where every project flourishes and effective collaboration leads to innovation – wouldn’t that be nice? Well, lucky for you ‘Project Paradise’ isn’t just a dream, it’s your blueprint for a more productive and proactive future. Whether you're a seasoned project manager or just starting your journey, there's something for everyone at this event.

Our latest digital summit has been carefully curated with the intention of solving all your collaborative challenges. We’re excited to have industry leaders such as Casey Rutland, Yasaman Shahtaheri, Mark Enzer and Dale Sinclair share their experiences and insights on the following:

  • How they avoid project pitfalls and achieve Project Paradise

  • Collaborative strategies to improve project outcomes

  • Innovative approaches to drive change and foster innovation

  • Insights for maintaining high-quality standards in all project phases

The agenda has been designed to cover three defining themes: collaborate, innovate and elevate. 

Collaborate: The cornerstone of success in the built environment lies in effective collaboration. Gain insights on how to work together seamlessly to minimize errors and risks in order to improve collaboration on your projects, which in turn leads to better outcomes for all stakeholders.

Innovate: Explore cutting-edge ideas and strategies to foster creativity, drive change and ultimately transform the way you approach challenges and opportunities. By embracing new perspectives and innovative approaches, you can propel your projects to new heights.

Elevate: Achieving higher standards in design, construction and operational efficiency is not just a goal; it's a necessity. Gain valuable insights on the importance of quality in the built environment and discover how to achieve and maintain these higher standards throughout every phase of your projects.

Choose which sessions you need guidance with to complete this three-part puzzle for success, or simply watch each session at your convenience.

So, what's on the agenda?

Session 1
The digital frontier: Empowering collaboration with technology


It's time to delve deep into the world of collaboration technology and its profound impact on how we work together. Explore the latest tools, platforms and strategies that are revolutionizing collaboration in the digital age.

For this session, Casey Rutland, Vicki Reynolds, Mark Enzer and Johnathan Munkley with provide insights into the current landscape of collaboration technology, including:

  • The benefits of advanced collaboration tools

  • How to integrate technology seamlessly into your collaborative workflows

  • Best practices for enhancing productivity and communication through technology

Sound useful? Sign up here!

Session 2
Navigating collaboration challenges in construction and beyond


The built environment faces unique challenges, often stemming from poor collaboration, fragmented communication and siloed data. In this session, industry leaders will share their expertise in mitigating these risks and achieving 'Project Paradise’.

Industry leaders Yasaman Shahtaheri, Dale Sinclair, Anne-Marie Friel and Steven Tilkin will be discussing common collaboration risks and challenges in the built environment, covering:

  • The benefits of adopting collaboration solutions

  • Strategies to foster effective communication, data sharing and teamwork

  • How to overcome project delays and cost overruns through improved collaboration

  • Best practices for achieving seamless collaboration across temas, partners, clients and stakeholders

Secure your place for this session here!

Session 3

Achieving 'Project Paradise': The blueprint for project success


Envision the ideal project collaboration, where teamwork and innovation harmonize seamlessly. In this session, industry experts Dave Wesemann and Brian Laird will outline the path to achieving 'Project Paradise' and the key principles behind it, including:

  • The core elements of effective project collaboration

  • How to create a unified approach to project management and data sharing

  • Actionable steps and best practices for achieving collaborative excellence across all project stakeholders

Register here to join!


Don't dream of Project Paradise; experience it

Get clarity and confidence to execute ideas, aid decision making, improve operational excellence and create a sustainable competitive advantage. Don’t let inefficiency hold you back any longer – register now and change the way you and your team work for the better, forever.



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