The Importance of Implementation and User Training

by Mail Manager
27 Feb, 2020
If you were given a choice between two different boat drivers (helmsmen) to take you on a cruise, one with a license, one without, who will you choose? Even with no upfront cost, you will choose...

Mail Manager stories: 5 real-world use cases

by Mail Manager
30 Sep, 2019
As with every technology solution, our customers want to know how they can actually use the solution to address their challenges and pain points. We love to address how businesses and users...

Four actionable email management tips for Outlook

by Mail Manager
12 Aug, 2019
If you are a project-based business, email is probably a critical part of how you operate

Email management: The importance of knowing where your email data is

by Mail Manager
6 Aug, 2019
After the British ambassador to the US, Kim Darroch, lost his job as a result of information leaks, the emphasis on email management is back on the agenda. 

Q&A with Faith Wainwright, Arup Director

by Mail Manager
29 Jul, 2019
Faith Wainwright is a Director of Arup and a leader of Arup University. Faith manages the backbone of technical excellence in Arup - the Skills Networks, which enable Arup to deliver the best of...

3 reasons to take email seriously

by Chris Smith
15 Jul, 2019
Despite the emergence of new communications tools like Slack and Microsoft Teams, email remains critical in the modern organisation. Not only is it still a key channel for communication, but it...

Mail Manager wins big: Nine new customers in February!

by Mail Manager
11 Mar, 2019
  "Mail Manager is transforming our business. I can't imagine going back to filing and searching with Outlook again. We have been looking for a simple and quick process for the filing of emails,...

5 ways to clean up your inbox

by Mail Manager
8 Feb, 2019
The average professional spends 28% of the work day reading and answering email, according to a McKinsey analysis.